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  1. Friday Favorites: March!

    March 28, 2014 by bailey

    B.A.S.E. Jumping in Manhattan

    These guys ended up getting arrested (they turned themselves in) but how awesome is this video of these guys jumping off of One World Trade in Manhattan?!?! I love how the guy just runs away as soon as he lands. Also reminds me of the guy who tightrope walked on a wire between the Twin Towers pretty soon after they opened in the 70s. There’s even a documentary about it: Man on Wire.


    Just great. Extras: Busy signal, phone booths, and long distance calls.


    The Austin 100 from NPR.

    Oh SXSW, you’re so popular. Thanks to NPR for giving away 100 songs from bands who be performing during the music part of the festival. I’ve been needing some new music.

    Do you have a future self?

    You know, the version of yourself that has it together ALL THE DAMN TIME and is perfect in every way? Yeah, you should probably let that go…

  2. Every day

    March 27, 2014 by bailey

    Routine feels good to me. Routine, I guess, when I’m also getting things done and feeling accomplished.

    The last two to three days has seemed like the beginning of a routine. Phil and I wake up, I take him to work, and I make it to the gym by 9am (either for my Tuesday/Thursday group power class or just to do the elliptical/ab work). Afterwards, I go home, eat, do some work, shower, get ready and head to the office. Yeah, I sometimes don’t get to the office until almost noon.

    But my start-at-noon work day doesn’t mean I’m done at 5pm. Yesterday, we had a client meeting until just after 6pm. We headed home and Phil started to make dinner and I kept working on some stuff (I seriously have like 4 jobs; two that actually pay!). We eat, I do the dishes (Phil really enjoys cooking so I’ve resolved myself to doing the dishes everyday. Helps actually get them done!) We catch up on Parks & Rec and Community.

    I’ve decided to take that whole apple cider vinegar thing seriously (just a day or two in it of drinking it daily helps curb my sugar craving) so I drink a tablespoon of it in water (along with honey and cinnamon because ACV is worse than cheapo vodka). I couldn’t get the habit started in the morning so I’m hoping doing it at night (at least during the week) will work better. I’m also more likely to brush my teeth, floss, and swish around some mouth wash (AGAIN: ACV is NOT at all tasty). I drink some more water (drinking more water daily is also on my list of to-work-on daily habits).

    The last two mornings, I’ve started listening to NPR while I’m in the shower and getting ready. This morning, I was captivated by this piece (starting 5 minutes in is where I really started listening) Athol Fugard is a playwright and, most certainly, a story teller. And listening to him made me want to write. Daily. Just a little bit. Pieces of the day, so I can remember and practice and celebrate. The daily things. The small, beautiful things. The small or big moments of bliss that make you happy and remind me that life can be beautiful. That, no matter your age, you can always, in a way, keep your innocent. Keep your ability to wonder, to explore, to have bliss. 

    So I’m going to start to document the small things, because that’s where you find the wonder, the exploration and the bliss. 

  3. Clearly I just want hate comments: my perspective on the Affordable Care Act

    March 12, 2014 by bailey

    Quick note to haters/trolls: This is my opinion. If you’re going to be nasty/stupid/troll-y, it’s my blog so I can probably just not approve your comments. And by probably I mean will definitely not approve your comment.

    So. I had pretty great health care insurance when I worked at KU. You know, when I worked for the STATE. Other benefits were great, too. And good grief was my job secure. But I didn’t like the job. SO I QUIT AND DID SOMETHING ELSE. Yay America.

    Two years later, I’m pretty excited about getting health insurance. And yes- GASP- I am getting it through

    First things first. Yeah, the website sucked for awhile. And it took at least a month to verify my identity (annoying).

    But, I’m getting insurance! Yay! I can go to the doctor and dentist and get blood work done and not have it cost everything. Disclosure: I am getting tax credits to help with the monthly premiums. But in three months, I’m expecting to make more money, so I won’t be using as much -if any- of the tax credits.

    So, the AFFORDABLE Care Act is making it affordable for me to get health insurance. Cool.

    For some people I guess monthly premiums went up. That sucks. For you. But are you making enough money to be able to pay it? Yes? Then please grumble quietly because YOU CAN AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE. (Or continue to be a troll and complain about a service that will help a lot of people – but, as noted above, I won’t be approving your comments!) Can you not afford it? Then I feel you. Stuff is expensive. But have you gone to Again, yes it used to be a pain and still isn’t perfect but GUESS WHAT?! Depending on your situations (family size, income, etc, etc) you might get a tax credit to help you pay for your health insurance. Now, this doesn’t apply if you (or your spouse) are offered health insurance through your employer. But is that health insurance affordable? I’m going with yes. 

    Does affordable mean cheap? No. If we wanted cheap (or even FREE) health insurance, we’d have to start looking how they do things in Canada or Sweden.

    So, quit bashing the ACA because it’s not cheap and it made your premiums go up. That’s not really the point. It’s not a perfect or even great plan. And it’s probably not going to fix all the health care inadequacies in this country. But it’s something. And I appreciate that something.

  4. Oh hey 2014 (!!!)

    March 7, 2014 by bailey

    On this beautiful March morning, full of sun (and full of breakfast from The Roost) I had the realization that this year is going to be awesome.

    Part of it might be the promise of spring weather in the next week. Part of it might be the start of some contract work (this week) that is allowing my anxiety to rest a bit over my finances.


    Yesterday, I got my invitation to a wedding shower for my high school bestie. It’s in West Des Moines in April. I’ll be visiting her in St. Louis sometime in July for her bachelorette party (I can’t wait!) Her and her beau’s wedding is in August in West Des Moines. So I’m really excited we’ll get to see each other a lot this year since we haven’t lived in the same place since we graduated high school.

    I first met Ashlee in 5th grade. We were on the same softball team. (She was intense.) We started going to the same school starting in middle school (7th grade) in 1997. So we’ve been friends for almost 16 years. (WAIT WHAT?! *%MIND BLOWN^*)


    Her wedding is also the weekend of the Iowa State Fair. If you haven’t been to the ISF, you just don’t know. You. Don’t. Know. I haven’t been for about five years which means PHIL has also NEVER been! So, that’s changing this year. (He has no idea how excited he should be!)

    IMG_0475One more thing…

    There’s something else… OH YEAH! Phil and I are getting married, too! I’m only having small freak-outs (mostly about making sure there are enough hotel rooms available) but other than that I LOVE how chill Phil and I are about the whole thing. It’s going to be pretty casual. I don’t think I could stomach spending $10,000 on one day. If we had $10,000 I’d rather spend it on a road trip. We want to throw a good party, of course, but we want it to be fun, relaxed and US. Let me know if you have any wedding planning advice to keep things casual!


    I’m also excited for a potential trip with my family to northern Minnesota (Bear Paw, I miss you). I’m excited to spend time with my nephews (baby Jaxen is the MOST adorable baby, don’t even try arguing with me). I’m excited for random camping trips. And time with friends. And hanging out on the patios on Mass Street.

    Let’s do this, 2014.


  5. Wake up.

    March 5, 2014 by bailey

    All I want to shout is “DO YOU THINK YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WITH PROBLEMS?!?”

    I want to be supportive to my friend’s suffering (suffering would probably be her word — I would just call it life*). But I can’t stand when they wallow and pity themselves. I can’t stand when every. single. Facebook message is an offering to the alter of attention. Life blows sometimes. It’s not fair. It’s a struggle. Sometimes, it seems, you can NEVER get a break.

    And how old is too old to realize you can’t plan on things and for those things to happen. You can try. But don’t act surprised, or act like a victim, when shit changes. Because shit changes. There’s almost seven billion people in the world and there’s only a few (if you’re lucky) that you can actually, truly count on. Other than that, I think you have to start expecting things to change or not to go your way. THAT’S LIFE.

    And isn’t it naive/immature to figure out otherwise?

    I don’t like complaining but can you beg someone to “wake up”? Because you probably don’t even have half of the idea of how challenging the last two years have been. I left my KU job two years ago this month and while that was my decision and I WOULD NOT CHANGE THAT DECISION FOR ANYTHING, it has still been a surprising two years. Some of it has been my inabilities. Some of has been the complete whirlwind/cluster of a new business and making mistakes and going “all in”. And maybe that’s made me tougher. Maybe it’s made me smarter (it better have). Did I lose my sympathy? Or am I just realizing some people take up more space than they should?

    And I usually don’t say anything. But what if that person doesn’t even ask? What if it’s always about them? And what if that’s just too exhausting?



    *Not getting the job you want is not what I call suffering. It’s what everyone calls LIFE.


  6. Friday Favorites: Is it spring yet?

    February 28, 2014 by bailey

    No, it’s not spring yet. The first day of spring is March 20. So it’s still winter. So (possibly) 9 inches of snow this weekend shouldn’t be surprising. I would say “cue complaining” but people have already been complaining about winter for two months (weird, considering THE CURRENT SEASON IS WINTER).

    But, I get it. The 60 degree spring tease last week was just mean, Mother Nature, just mean.

    So, hopefully these things will distract you from the snow this weekend. Because they’re fun.*

    Pot hole hilarity.

    Pot holes making me laugh for the first time ever.

    A 4-year old and her paper dresses.

    Love the creativity.

    3-D Tattoos.

    Just amazing.



    *I was going to post a picture of Emmy (because CATS!) but WordPress won’t let me upload a picture? Weird since I did it two days ago and nothing has changed… So I put it on Instagram.

  7. Product Review: get your food delivered!

    February 26, 2014 by bailey

    IMG_0488I was offered a gift certificate to KC Door to Door Organics in exchange for this review! Opinions and comments are my own.

    Confession: I’ve never really enjoyed vegetables. Growing up, I ate peas but hated them. Corn on the cob and carrots were decent and I could manage to eat a salad. And potatoes don’t really count as veggies (mashed or fried).

    Since college, and since living with Phil, I’ve been better. Spinach, kale, onion. I still have some work to do to expand my vegetable horizons and having vegetables (and fruits!) delivered directly to our door might just help.

    KC Door to Door Organics is a really genius concept. Have food that you can’t stock up on delivered to your door weekly. I didn’t think it would be any different than just stoping by the grocery store really quick but, guys, it’s really awesome.

    IMG_0478It was < almost > like Christmas coming home to a surprising box of goodies on the front step (I knew it was being delivered but I forgot and got a nice surprise. We had decided to “subscribe” to the Bitty Mixed box. This means, without thinking about, my credit card will get charged and a box of food will show up on our porch. That’s all. The Bitty is the smallest subscription: Roughly nine different types of fruit/vegetables with 1-4 of each. Bitty cost is $26.13 per week.

    Our first week’s delivery:

    • romaine lettuce (1 bunch)
    • kale (1 bunch)
    • cucumber (1)
    • broccoli (2 bunches)
    • roma tomatoes (3)
    • apples (20
    • bananas (4)
    • tangelos (2)
    • blood oranges (2)


    I had never had tangelos or blood oranges so was excited to try those (the blood oranges are way delicious). The day after our delivery, we made a big salad with the romaine, kale, cucumber, broccoli, and tomatoes. It was nice just to have it all on hand. (We added lunch meat, parmesan cheese, and olive oil to our salad, too.)

    The great thing is, you’re not limited to what they pick for you in the subscriptions. You can make substitutions. This week for example, I didn’t want another zucchini so I substituted some onions (we put onions in almost everything). You can also change the subscription; the largest box has 17 items. You can also have a box every two weeks, if you don’t need a delivery every week. Going on vacation or don’t need anything new one week? You can hold your subscription for another week or two. You can also mark fruits and vegetables that you like and don’t like which keeps you getting what you want. What I’m saying is that the flexibility is amazing. 

    Checking out their website, I was pleased to see some local farmers/producers on their list of suppliers. We’re not going to get any local produce during the Kansas winter months (and we’re still more than 6 weeks from the Lawrence Farmers Market starting up). They also have more than just fruits and veggies that can be delivered: dairy, bread, nuts, meat and beverages are also included in the store.

    Want to get fruits and veggies delivered to your door? Get $10 off your first order when you use “bailey” in the promo code box at

  8. Fitness Challenge: Spring 2014

    February 24, 2014 by bailey

    The point of taking part in a fitness challenge with other people is to help with motivation because you’re not just accountable to yourself. Posting it on the internet? Doubles the motivation. (I hope.)

    Today, a 12 week challenge began at my gym. I decided to do the optional “fitness testing” on Saturday to give myself  a starting point (I was weighed, measured and tested in pushups, crunches, plank, and flexibility).

    The challenge: work out five times per week for 12 weeks. Two of the five workouts have to be the Group Power class. I’ve been doing the Group Power class for 18 weeks 2-3 times per week anyway. I usually do yoga on Sunday evening. So I really just need to add 1-2 more workouts per week.

    Easy right?

    Well, I already got a work out in on a Monday evening and I don’t usually so I feel pretty good about that! Nothing too intense: 15 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work.

    Two of my “goals” for the challenge (besides 5 workouts per week) is to improve the number of pushups and the length I can do a forearm plank. On Saturday, I was able to do 2 regular pushups (!!!) and 40 some pushups from my knees in a minute. My plank lasted a pitiful 38 seconds – so I have some work to do!

    One of the other tests on Saturday was to do as many crunches in a minute as I could. I have been doing crunches during Group Power but never very quickly; so doing 60-some in a minute definitely worked my abs in a different way (they still hurt today!)

    Wish me luck – 60 workouts in 84 days! Here we go!



  9. Friday Favorites

    January 31, 2014 by bailey


    I don’t like shortening words to ridiculous things (aka Tom on Parks and Rec), but this video is full of adorbs. Puppies and kitties AND ABBA? Heck yes. Also, if you’re going to bring a new furry friend into your home, RESCUE!


    I’d always liked the song “Brave” I was hearing on the radio but didn’t realize it was Sara Bareilles. First listen through her album “The Blessed Unrest” and I’m definitely loving it. Adding it to the “to purchase” list on my iTunes. I’ve been listening to it on Grooveshark (great way to listen to new albums to figure out if it’s purchase-worthy!)

    Puppies AND Clydesdales

    This commercial is pretty much perfect. The puppy. The horse jump at the crescendo (?) of the song. The handsome rugged dude getting understandably choked up/emotional because the horses returned with the puppy that clearly belonged on that farm.

    Office of our Pinterest-y dreams.

    The Pinterest office is super cool. As it should be.

  10. My Favorite Things: Winter Edition

    January 13, 2014 by bailey

    Twinkle lights always make me feel warm and cozy. Even when it's cold out. Also: blankets,  the couch and a movie with Phil :)

    Twinkle lights always make me feel warm and cozy. Even when it’s cold out. Also: blankets, the couch and a movie with Phil :)

    Denmark’s “hygge”

    “Hygge apparently has no direct analogue in English, and related words like “coziness,” “togetherness” and “well-being” only cover a fraction of its nebulous definition.” Keep your twinkle lights and candles and coziness through the rest of the winter. It can affect your well-being! I’m starting my own hygge board to get myself hygged up! (Apologies to the Danish language.)

    Microwave Fudge

    I’m craving fudge. It’s the memories/nostalgia of the Christmas season. But peanut butter chocolate fudge made in the microwave? YES PLEASE! I haven’t tried it yet but might try to whip it up before we start out on our Christmas travels. Wish me luck!   *Thought of the day* Pinterest should have filters in their search. So you can remove results that include “vegan” when you’re searching for things like fudge. Because it’s fudge and I don’t need it to be vegan!

    Kids creature hats

    With the crazy cold weather last week, kids definitely had their hats on. Owls. Monsters. All. Adorable. And if I ever learn to sew, I could make my own!

    60 degree “winter” days.

    Kansas, you’re weird. But I accept these sunny, strangely warm days as a way to makeup for the weird stuff. Maybe my body could just get in line and not be sick during these days, we could all be happy.

    and my favorite of all… proposal.

    Engaged :)